Scotify Studios


Content Management


We are looking to team up with local businesses to showcase the growing artisan community in the Madison-area. 






"Scotify Studios is our go to for video when it comes to our concerts and events. The professionalism we receive is exceptional and the level of creativity is superior. Scotify studios truly stands out and has always succeeded in creating sales tools that meet our needs. In circulating the latest video we once again received rave reviews. When working with Scotify studios, I feel confident in reliability concerning budget, scheduling and execution of our vision."


kyle frenette, manager for bon iver


Working with Scott and Scotify Studios has always been an absolute pleasure.  Not only does Scott and his team produce high quality work, they're professional, responsive, and fast!  



Mike McCabe, Founder / President of Blue Jean Nation

"To introduce me as a candidate for governor, the last thing our campaign wanted was something that looked like every other political ad out there. We turned to Scotify Studios despite the fact they'd never done a campaign video. Actually, we turned to Scotify Studios especially because they'd never done anything campaign related. The final product wowed us, capturing the spirit of my candidacy and our grassroots campaign perfectly."



JACK GALLAGHER, Artist Management & Marketing, C3 MANAGEMENT

"Scotify Studios was able to come out and shoot our show on super short notice and he delivered awesome pictures the next day. Can't wait to work with him again!"



Mark Gehring, Periscope MGMt, Blue Ox Music Festival, GNDWIRE Records

"We have hired Scotify Studios for a number of visual projects including the documentation of the Blue Ox Music Festival and GNDWIRE Records Ski Party. Their work is top notch and Scott and his team are as professional and timely as they are talented."


Phase One

Phase One focuses our attention on social media content via professional licensed photography. When promoting your business online, dynamic daily content can significantly impact your client base engagement. We want to learn what sets your business apart and develop unique content that showcases your work.

A Creative Director from our team will facilitate a meeting with your business to devise a relevant and encompassing shot list specific to your business needs and provide on-site art direction for our Lead Photographer as we curate a range of behind-the-scene photos, product photography, and other brand-focused images for your Facebook and Instagram.


Example of an Instagram layout. 




Phase Two

In Phase Two, our services expand into the areas of videography and web development. Depending on your needs, Phase Two can mean a short promotional video, a custom-built website, or a combination of both.

Similar to Phase One, an Art Director from our team will work alongside our Lead Creative to produce quality video and web content that represents your business.




Phase Three

Phase Three builds upon our client relationships established in Phase One. This Phase is unique because it’s not compatible with all businesses. This works best for artisans as we pair them with a local business that has a complementary aesthetic to create mutually beneficial promotional content.

Below is a local collaboration between Isaiah Schroeder Knifeworks and RED Sushi. Jack Yip, executive sushi chef for RED, was able to test out Isaiah's knife and give him critical feedback on how he felt about the use of the knife. These types are moments are key for makers, because they are trying to create the best possible product.