PROFILES: Madison Malone

By Sam Faulkner

Photo By J. Scott Kunkel 

Photo By J. Scott Kunkel 

1) Congratulations on your debut single! It must have come as a surprise to listeners who know you from your Youtube channel, where you'd mainly uploaded covers before. 'Flowers on Leather' is a considerably poppier song. What was behind the decision to take your sound in that direction?

Thank you so much! I met my producer in Los Angeles after writing some music for a pop artist at Sony. When he showed me some of his produced music, I thought, “YES! That is the direction I am leaning toward.” He invited me out to his studio outside of Montreal, in a cabin in the mountains, to record/write new music. While I was there I completely unplugged for five and a half weeks. It gave me the chance to look within and really write the music I heard in my head. In that time, I wrote 34 songs, and this poppier sound is what came out! I call it ethereal-electro pop! It is beautiful to see what will come out of you when you just stop and listen.

2) Can you take us through a bit of your songwriting process? Is it a solitary endeavor, or do you benefit from other voices in the room?

It changes depending on the mood/circumstance. Since moving to LA, I have done co-writing sessions with more frequency. I have found that writing with other people actually emphasizes your voice rather than diminishes it, because you bring all of your strengths to the table and match it with the other person’s.

For my newest releases, it was pretty solitary though...just my producer, Hugo Montecristo, and I. His background of being a bass player really amped up the hard-hitting beats and production in this new music of mine. He brought epic tracks, and I brought my poetry and angelic melodies.

3) You moved out to LA almost two years ago now. That's a mighty big change from Wisconsin. In what ways did you find you had to adapt once you arrived?

It has been the best thing I have ever done! Adaptation-wise, I have just had to get used to delving into the scene out here with two feet in. I have a much more socially active life out here. I am out practically every night at either a show, social meetup, or event. I want to optimize every moment I have. It’s more of a mindset out here, keeping the focus and keeping the grind. Another thing I have had to get used to is running into random celebrities at the grocery store!

4) What are you listening to these days? Who are you drawing inspiration from?

I am LOVING Bishop Briggs, Chloe x Halle, Aurora, Billie Eilish, Kayla Briët, Florence + The Machine. The way these artists mix poetry with hard hitting pop is what completely influences me.

5) Are you working towards an album right now? Or a tour? Or both?

I am working toward both! I have enough music in the queue to release an album. Currently, I am creating music videos, live videos, and content to release with the songs. As for touring, I am definitely looking to tour this summer and through the winter. Either as an opener or as headliner. I have my band and music ready to go! For the immediate future, I am keeping the focus on my first show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on 4/21! There will be dancing, tears, lights, everything!

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