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The Hussy formed as a duo in Madison, WI during the summer of 2008. Equally fronted by Bobby Hussy (Guitar, Vocals) and Heather Hussy (Drums, Vocals), the band carved a punk path through the 2000s into the 2010s playing shows alongside Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Twin Peaks, Spectrum (Ex-Spacemen 3), Black Bananas (ex-Royal Trux),The Black Lips, Useless Eaters, Cheap Time, King Khan and BBQ, White Fence, Digital Leather, The Faint and way too many more to all mention here. Known for their intense and chaotic live shows The Hussy quickly gained a cult following in the Midwestern underground that saw them touring relentlessly between 2011 and 2015. Over the past near decade, the band has headlined tours in Europe twice, and across the US too many times to count. The Hussy pulled double duty as the opening and backing band for punk rocker NOBUNNY through tours of the US and Australia/New Zealand in the Winter and Fall of 2014 respectively. To keep the fans satiated the band has recorded a slew of singles (10 to be exact), 5 LPs and a handful of tapes, always with Bobby Hussy at the helm of the recording controls. Their prolific output has spanned 15+ different record labels and every format imaginable (LPs, 7"s, 10"s, One Sided 7"s, CD-rs, CDs, Tapes, Cassette Box-Sets) .

Currently signed to Southpaw Records, the band is in the process of reissuing their earliest out-of-print LPs. The Hussy's most recent release, GALORE, saw them move into a more focused direction with crackly mid-fi production, added instrumentation, while still keeping true to their knack for writing consistently catchy tunes. The band's previous LP, a split 12" with Digital Leather entitled "False Trails / Hash Grails" (2014 - Southpaw Records), showcased a darker side of the band by incorporating synthesizers into the patented lo-fi punk rock scuzz-pop they had perfected on 2nd and 3rd LPs, "Weed Seizure" (2012 - Tic Tac Totally) and "Pagan Hiss" (2013 - Southpaw Records) respectively. The band's debut, "Cement Tomb Mind Control" (2011 - Slow Fizz Records --- Reissued by Southpaw Records in 2015) garnered comparisons to Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, and early Jay Reatard projects. CTMC quickly cemented The Hussy as premiere stalwarts of the MIdwest's garage-rock scene. In 2014 the band added Tyler Fassnacht (Fire Heads, Proud Parents, T.S. Foss) as a full-time third member to help fill out the sound at live shows. Now bigger and noisier than ever The Hussy is exciting old and new fans alike with their wild scuzz-pop chock full of hooks that rot and stick. The band's 11th 7" features three brand new songs and will be released by Big Neck Records in the summer of 2017. It is the first release with the new three-piece lineup. A live LP recorded at High Noon Saloon in November of 2016 was recently released on Shed House Records for The Hussy's 10 Year Anniversary show! All members of the Hussy have released LPs with their other projects Proud Parents, Cave Curse, and Fire Heads, and the three are all active parts of the local Madison music community.


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